The House boasts a privileged setting against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, offering breathtaking views over the hills of Toledo, the vineyards, and the estate’s olive groves and almond tree orchards, as well as a network of paths and services that combine to provide a range of facilities that will allow guests to programme and personalise their stay:

Routes around the Estate

Offering breathtaking views of the La Solana Mountains and the chance to discover its exceptional wealth of flora and fauna.

  • Nature Routes around the Herencia Mountains and the Plains of La Mancha, visiting the Navajo Bronze Age Prehistoric Archaeological Site, the limestone quarries at Los Bachilleres, the banks of the River Cigüela and the ancient Roman Villarta Bridge, measuring more than 300 metres and boasting a total of 36 arches, or the Eastern Soria Cattle Route, which runs past the estate.
  • The Windmill Route, visitors should not miss a tour of the 7 windmills to be seen in this area and which shape the hallmark landscape of the La Mancha region Cervantes so aptly described in Don Quixote.
  • The Monumental Route offering a fascinating insight into local architectural and historical remains, taking us to churches, convents and shrines, as well as stately homes and museums, which since the 13th century have reflected the various styles and historic events that have made their mark on La Mancha?s landscape.

Botanical Interpretation routes taking us around the vineyards and olive and almond groves

Revealing the fruits of the earth throughout the year and offering the chance to marvel at nature as it blossoms and flourishes.

Tour of the 1605 Cheese Factory, situated adjacent to the house

Visitors will learn how the world-famous Manchego cheese is made, and also have the chance to enjoy a guided tasting session (prior booking required). Visit the website